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Suhr Introduces the A.C.E., the Eclipse, and the New Badger Series

Suhr delivers a trifecta of new lust-inducing gear with a cabinet emulator, an amp series, and a dual-channel overdrive/distortion.

Suhr A.C.E.

Lake Elsinore, CA (January 19, 2017) -- The A.C.E. (Analog Cabinet Emulator) is an active, analog cabinet emulator designed to offer guitarists a portable and convenient way to capture the complex characteristics of a guitar speaker cabinet for a variety of recording (silent* or in a studio) and live-performance applications without the use of a microphone. Fully equipped with a comprehensive set of interface features, A.C.E. makes it easy to connect with a variety of recording and sound-reinforcement equipment for any situation. Whether you are in the studio or on the road, the A.C.E. is sure to become an invaluable tool for delivering a flexible variety of emulated cabinet simulations consistently, every time.

* A.C.E. is not a load device. Make sure your amplifier is connected to a suitable load (Suhr Reactive Load) or speaker cabinet when using A.C.E. to avoid damage.

The A.C.E. features include:

  • Active analog cabinet emulator
  • Multi-stage filtering (MSF) cabinet emulation (bypassable)
  • Balanced TRS & XLR line out section with phase and ground lift
  • Internal charge pump circuitry that doubles the headroom of a 9V supply
  • Compact desktop form factor

Street price $299.


The new Badger series offers a re-designed preamp section that includes a high-voltage cascaded MOSFET boost (footswitchable) to offer a broader range of clean and overdrive tones with incredible dynamic range, transparency, and tactile responsiveness. The new Badger series is appointed in a sleeker, more refined look, and has an expanded feature set to bring you the most sophisticated and versatile Badger amplifier to date.

The new Badger series features include:

  • Modified preamp section
  • High-voltage cascaded MOSFET boost (foot-switchable)
  • All-tube series effects loop
  • 4 ohm, 8 ohm, and 16 ohm speaker output impedance selector (Now standard on all models)
  • Black anodized-aluminum control panels


  • Badger 18: $1,750
  • Badger 30: $1,995
  • Badger 35: $1,995

The Suhr Eclipse is a versatile, no compromise, dual-channel overdrive/distortion that delivers a wealth of warm, organic amp-like tones in an easy to use, compact form factor.

Eclipse’s incredible versatility stems from its powerful and intuitive 2-channel circuit design. Each channel is completely independent, and features its own gain, level and 3-band passive EQ, similar to a channel-switching amplifier. Both channels can be voiced independently to accommodate all of your playing needs.

The Eclipse pedal features include:

  • Dual-channel overdrive/distortion
  • Independent gain, level, and 3-Band passive EQ controls
  • Global voice control
  • True bypass
  • Billet aluminum enclosure

Street price $250

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