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Synergy Introduces the Fryette Deliverance Module

An immensely tweakable hi-gain preamp that works with Synergy's plug-and-play ecosystem.


Los Angeles, CA (June 29, 2020) -- Synergy Amplification proudly announces cooperation with iconic amplifier designer Steven Fryette to release the The Fryette Deliverance module. The Fryette Deliverance (formerly branded VHT) is the embodiment of Fryette DNA stripped down to its most essential form. This raw, inspiring amp boasts a devoted following of plug and play guitarists worldwide.

The Deliverance is known to be one of the most tweakable high-gain tube amps out there. With its specialized GAIN I/GAIN II structure, players can precisely dial in sweet clean, thick pushed, dynamic crunch and full-blown shred, all easily controllable from the guitar's volume pot. The recently released Deliverance II expands on this versatility while remaining true to its well-regarded heritage.

Along with his namesake amps, Steven Fryette has been instrumental in the development of Synergy Amplification. So, adopting the man’s most intense and lauded preamp circuit into one of the preamp modules was destined to happen. Not only did Fryette re-create the Deliverance sonic signature in flawless detail, but he even managed to include the amp’s proprietary Depth and Presence controls and Series II feature set into the forward-thinking control layout. To make things even more versatile, the Presence and Depth controls can be assigned to operate on the red channel only or both channels. In addition, the Deliverance module automatically selects between the two Cathode profiles to ensure that each channel mode will maintain the feel and tonal balance that the Deliverance is known for.

Guitar players looking for a simple and affordable way to add astonishing high-gain tones and extreme flexibility into their rig, the Synergy Amplification Fryette Deliverance preamp module is the perfect tool for the job.

By partnering with such iconic amplifier designers as Steven Fryette, Synergy Amplification is now able to offer these sought-after tones in all-tube designs that are perfect for direct-recording, lower-stage-volume, and compact-guitar-rig demands of today.

Fryette Deliverance Preamp Module Features:

  • Built in U.S.A.
  • All-tube preamp module custom designed by Steven Fryette
  • Two channels offer a full range of Clean, Overdrive and High-Gain Distortion sounds
  • Green Channel – Gain I, Gain II, Volume, Bright & More/Less Switches
  • Red Channel - Gain I, Gain II, Volume, Bright & More/Less Switches
  • Shared Treble, Middle, Bass controls
  • Assignable and Presence and Depth controls
  • Easy to install and remove from Synergy preamp docks

The Synergy DELIVERANCE module is available for $399.99 from your favorite dealers or direct on our website.

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