ThroBak Introduces the Pro-90 Pickup

The pickup aims for the sound of a vintage P-90 pickup by using ThroBak’s proprietary Vintage Core specifications.

Grand Rapids, MI (October 23, 2014) -- The ThroBak PRO-90, humbucker sized P-90, preserves the construction, materials, and growl of a vintage P-90 pickup by using ThroBak’s proprietary Vintage Core specifications. The ThroBak PRO-90 brings a new level of authentic tone and feel to players seeking '50s P-90 growl for their bucker routed guitars. 100% USA made.

The ThroBak PRO-90 is a combination of our new Vintage Core specs. and MXV components: including tinned Brass baseplate construction, vintage ground lug configuration, long Alnico magnets and coils wound with a core of 42 AWG plain enamel wire.


  • Neck 7.6K, Bridge 8.2K.
  • A3 and A4 sand cast Alnico magnets.
  • Vintage Core tinned Brass baseplates preserve vintage 50’s inductance profile.
  • Vintage Core external ground lug wiring for full sized Alnico magnet installation.
  • Vintage Core winding process preserves vintage spec. output and tone.
  • Available in classic pole screw, or Alnico 5 rod magnet P-90 configuration.
  • ThroBak vintage contour Nickel Silver covers in a variety of finishes.

The ThroBak PRO-90 has M.A.P. (minimum advertised price) of $389.00 per pair or $194.50 for single pickups. Available direct from ThroBak Electronics and authorized dealers.

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