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ThroBak Pickups Unveils the KZ-115 P.A.F. Humbucker

ThroBak Pickups Unveils the KZ-115 P.A.F. Humbucker

A humbucker with a direct link to the Golden Era of P.A.F. pickup production.

Grand Rapids, MI (May 2, 2016) -- Introducing the ThroBak KZ-115 P.A.F. humbucker reproduction. A humbucker with a direct link to the Golden Era of PAF pickup production! The pickup coils of the ThroBak KZ-115 are wound on a pickup (Stevens) coil winder that was first used for winding PAF humbuckers and P90 pickups at Gibson’s Kalamazoo factory in the 1950’s. The winder was removed from Gibson before the company moved production to Nashville by none other than Les Paul himself. ThroBak purchased the winder at the Les Paul auction at Guernsey’s, New York in February 2015, and by doing so brought back a piece of pickup winding history to Michigan.

After decades of non-use this Stevens coil winder, which sales records show originally arrived in Kalamazoo in February 1950, is winding pickup coils again and the results are spectacular! The ThroBak KZ-115 P.A.F. humbucker awaken the elusive early PAF humbucker dynamics and low end depth of the originals. The KZ-115 owes its distinct tone to the custom Gibson Kalamazoo winding fixtures, wire guides and set-up of the original vintage winder. The original, non-adjustable, 1950's lobeless cam traverse and limiting fixtures, wind what we call the KZ-115’s vintage center focused coil. The result is a PAF reproduction with added scatter for a woolly low end and crispy/crunchy mids. ThroBak KZ-115 proves again that the machines matter when it comes to vintage PAF accuracy!

The KZ-115 P.A.F. specs.: 7.70k Neck and 7.57k Bridge with your choice of long A2, A4 or A5 magnets. (Standard with long A2). With our exclusive timed wind, center focused coils. The ThroBak KZ-115 P.A.F. humbucker is available direct at for $539.00 per pair. Free shipping worldwide.

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