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ThroBak Unveils Vintage Choice Elgin Series Electric Guitar Strings

ThroBak Unveils Vintage Choice Elgin Series Electric Guitar Strings

The strings are available with in either Pure Nickel or Nickel-Plated Steel formats.

Grand Rapids, MI (May 26, 2015) -- In order to create a more perfect union between pickups and guitar ThroBak introduces its Vintage Choice Elgin Series electric guitar strings.

ThroBak has built its reputation by offering the highest quality, period correct pickups and effect pedals that capture the sweetest and most elusive guitar tones, and now we are offering premium guitar strings that complete the entire signal chain from hand to amp.

ThroBak Vintage Choice Elgin Series are custom made to ThroBak specifications by a small two man machine shop with a 45+ year history of of making precision string winding machines and custom guitar strings. ThroBak Vintage Choice strings embody a relentless attention dedication to quality representing a benchmark tone, stability and longevity.

ThroBak Vintage Choice electric guitar strings are available with your choice of Pure Nickel or Nickel Plated Steel. And both are available in either hex core or round core designs to suit the player's individual style and tonal preference. FlatLock technology ensures that all round core strings maintain tight, uniform winds. All ThroBak Vintage Choice strings are round wound.

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