Tone Games 2010, Bonus Levels: 10 More Stompboxes Reviewed

Ten more stompboxes reviewed, online-only!

You made your way through the 30 stompboxes in the original Tone Games 2010, and deftly maneuvered the Pedalboard Extras extra level... but the games don't stop there. You've made it to the bonus, online-only pedal reviews. That's right, we're reviewed 10 more stompboxes online. What are you waiting for?

Electro-Harmonix Germanium4 Big Muff Pi
Emma Electronic PY-1 PisdiYAUwot Metal Distortion
E.W.S. BD-1 Brute Drive
GizmoAudio Sawmill Overdrive
HardWire TR-7 Tremolo/Rotary
Jam Pedals Rattler+
Pigtronix Aria Disnortion
T-Pedals Super Hoffman Fuzz
T-Rex Octavius Tri-Tone Generator
WMD Arcane Preamp

Kick it off: Electro-Harmonix Germanium4 Big Muff Pi