Simple, yes, but a clean-boost pedal like the 10 here can do a lot more than a simple bump in dBs.

Whether it’s for added clarity and volume for soloing, contributing juice for tired, vintage pedals, or hitting the front end of an amp for more bite, there are myriad reasons to have a clean boost on a pedalboard. They’re also often simple and relatively inexpensive, so is there a good reason to not have one?


This all-analog box features an updated compander (compressor-expander) and a powerful preamp that can deliver up to 30 dB of clean boost.
$369 street


Not just a one-knob full-frequency clean boost, this mini will help prevent tone suck since it also serves as an independent buffer.
$129 street


Power Pack
The buffered input and unique gain stage of this stomp make for a simple way to boost an amp’s input stage, as well as maintain unity gain and tonal balance throughout a signal path.
$159 street


The Pusher
This boost was designed to bring out renewed clarity and punch for cleans, or for going big and dirty by placing it in front of a drive pedal or already overdriven amp.
$99 street


Class A Boost Micro
This wee true-bypass boost utilizes a discreet class-A FET transistor audio path to deliver up to 20 dB of clean boost and remain effective with both instrument and line-level signals.
$89 street


This booster features a high-quality JFET op-amp to help avoid unwanted additional highs when the level is increased, as well as a dynamics control to combat harsh, transient spikes.
$111 street


For adding an additional channel of gain to dirt pedals as well as brightening up neck pickups, this pedal was designed to boost midrange, tighten up the low end, and help the top end shine.
$99 street


EP Booster
Intended to emulate the preamp boost from the famed EP-3, this mini houses internal DIP switches to choose boost frequencies and EQ settings, and provides up to 20 dB of boost.
$116 street


Spark Mini Booster
This lean and clean boost with a discrete analog circuit features TC’s handy PrimeTime switching technology, which allows seamless toggling between on/off or momentary effect engagement.
$49 street


Lacerate FET Boost
With two boost modes—clean and crank—this pedal allows players to boost clean guitar volume and boost the gain and adjust the signal level separately from the input level.
$55 street

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