Vintage Announces the Roger Williams Nylon Electro-Acoustic Crossover Guitar

The guitar features a solid A-grade cedar top with solid back and sides, perfectly matched to a mahogany neck and ebony fretboard.

London, England (January 6, 2016) -- Designed by celebrated UK luthier Roger Williams, who has been building and repairing fretted instruments in Lichfield, England for over 15 years, Vintage are delighted to introduce the VE9000RW ‘Roger Williams’ Nylon Electro-Acoustic Crossover guitar.

Based on one of Roger’s beautifully made high-end models, the VE9000RW features a solid A-grade cedar top with solid back and sides, perfectly matched to a mahogany neck and ebony fretboard. "My crossover or hybrid guitar delivers a warm, full range classical tone” says Roger, "in an instrument designed to play and feel like a steel string acoustic."

The addition of a bone nut and saddle makes this an incredibly responsive and resonant guitar, accurately captured by the unobtrusive onboard Fishman INK + pre-amp and pickup system.

Endorsed by Vintage Signature Artist Gordon Giltrap, the VE9000RW comes complete with Kinsman hardshell case and is destined to become a new best seller.

"This beautiful electro acoustic classical is a dream come true for us steel string players who want to cross over to nylon strings.” says Gordon. “With it's slightly narrower neck and elegant cutaway it truly is a joy to play and the Fishman pickup system produces such a sweet sound.”

Check out the Vintage VE9000RW on the JHS/RBI Music Booth 5279.

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