Vox announces new color options for their AC line of amps.

Nashville, TN (July 11, 2013) -- VOX Amplification announces two new Limited Edition colors for its Custom Series AC30C2, AC15C1and AC4C1 guitar amplifiers. The amps are being offered in Vintage Cream and elegant Purple for a limited time, with a limited number of pieces being offered worldwide. The Vintage Cream models also feature a newly-designed Creamback G12M-65 Celestion speaker that delivers powerful sound while preserving a woody, vintage tone. At the same, time a specially-designed Celestion Blue AlNiCo speaker is being made available for the first time in the standard AC15C1X models.

AC15C1-CM / AC15C1-PL / AC30C2-CM / AC30C2-PL
Available in the U.S. in extremely limited quantities, the new purple and cream 15-Watt AC15C1 and 30-Watt AC30C2 amps offer two channels: Normal and Top-Boost. Each channel is equipped with its own Volume control, and the Top Boost channel offers highly interactive Treble and Bass tone controls. The Tone Cut control operates in the power stage, allowing an additional degree of tone-shaping. The Master Volume control works in conjunction with the individual volumes of each channel to create the right degree of gain-staging to deliver the coveted clean VOX "chimey" sound, a powerful overdriven tone, and everything in between.

The VOX Classic Tremolo effect can sweeten the sound, with adjustable speed and depth. A warm Spring Reverb is also included. The AC30C2-PL and AC30C2-CM also offer an additional tone control to the Reverb section, as well as an effect loop for incorporating a favorite effect pedal, with True “Bypass” switching to take the entire effect loop out of the circuit.

All Limited Edition AC15 and AC30 models use 3 x 12AX7 preamp tubes. The AC30C2-PL and AC30C2-CM Limited Edition use 4 x EL84 tubes to drive a pair of 12" Celestion speakers (G12M Greenback speaker – purple amps; G12M-65 Creamback speaker – Cream amps). A pair of EL84 tubes in the AC15C1-PL and AC15C1-CM Limited Edition is paired with a single 12" Celestion G12M Greenback.

Each model offers a switchable 8 Ω / 16 Ω jack for powering an external speaker cabinet; using this jack will mute the internal speakers. The extension speaker jack allows connection to an additional 16 Ω cabinet along with the internal speakers, for a fuller sound. The VOX VFS2 footswitch allows the Reverb and Tremolo effects to be turned on and off remotely.

AC4C1-PL and AC4C1-CM
The new purple and cream AC4C1 models deliver VOX signature sound in a portable, compact body. They feature the legendary Top Boost tone inherited from the VOX AC30, as well as Gain control, Bass control and Treble tone controls. Using a Class A, all-tube amplifier chassis, the AC4C1 color edition amps provide a pair of 12AX7 preamp tubes and a single EL84 Power tube to deliver 4 Watts of power through a 10" Celestion VX10 custom speaker.

The new limited edition models will be available Fall 2013 with the following pricing:

AC30C2-PL Limited Edition purple AC30C2 Custom Series amp U.S. Street $1099.99
AC30C2-CM Limited Edition cream AC30C2 Custom Series amp U.S. Street $1099.99
AC15C1-PL Limited Edition purple AC15C1 Custom Series amp U.S. Street $699.99
AC15C1CM Limited Edition cream AC15C1 Custom Series amp U.S. Street $699.99
AC4C1-PL Limited Edition purple AC4 mini-combo U.S. Street $299.99
AC4C1-CM Limited Edition cream AC4 mini-combo U.S. Street $299.99

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