All You Need is... Bass!

A pretty pile of basses

With no offense to our six-string friends, it’s really time to let the electric bass and its players get a moment in the sun. We bass players learned long ago that it’s the carefully crafted bassline that makes listeners’ heads, feet, hips and glorious backsides move. It is our choice of notes and rhythmic placement that will provide the solid foundation and substance for all of the “icing” on the cake.

We also learned that it was our simple choice of tools that gets the job done. The tools of choice in the past, and today, are a well-worn early ‘60s Fender P or J bass played through an Ampeg B-15 or SVT rig. This has been the standard for decades. Just go back and listen to all the work of James, Joe, Jaco, Rocco, Chuck, Anthony, and Bootsy. Almost all of that fantastic work was made through the use of these tools. And this work still holds strong today.

The Gibson bass pictured on the top of the pile is an unknown model, but it’s clearly a blast from the past. This bass has a 3-piece maple body and neck. The ebony fingerboard also adds to its character. We’re not sure if this was a prototype, or how many of these were built. It does sport the normal ‘70s serial number system and the “Made in USA” stamp on the back of the headstock.

Sure is a strange one indeed!

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