Guitarist Mark Tremonti is a dyed-in-the-wool amp nerd. Plus, he isn’t afraid to step away from the boutique side of things and use more affordable (and available) amps in his backline. His guitar foil in Alter Bridge, Myles Kennedy, also talks about which effects he keeps on his board.

Mark Tremonti’s Top 5 Amps

Fender ’65 Twin Reverb Reissue

I’ve never actually played an original, to be honest. Ever since I started touring, I needed that clean tone. I bought a Fender Twin, and I’ve never been able to replace it. I’ve tried Matchless, Roland, and AC30s, but every time I just go back to the Twin. It’s got that super-high chimey sound. Since I use my fingers a lot, I like my clean sound to be really bright. It’s totally stock. There’s just something about that open-back 2x12 combo that I’m really used to.

Mesa/Boogie Triple and Dual Rectifier

I first tried a Triple Rectifier when I worked for a couple of months at a guitar shop in Tallahassee called Main Street Music. They were the high-end amp dealer in town. Mesas really shine in the live setting. You can’t really get them up to the volume they need to be in a guitar store. There’s no amp I’ve played that gets that chunky, crisp rhythm sound. The first Mesa I had was a Dual Rectifier. I have four or five of them, and they are still my favorite tonally, but I use the Triple Rectifiers live for more headroom.

Bludotone Bludo-Drive

My favorite Bludotone is the “’70s circuit Dumble-style” amp. It’s that on-the-edge, expressive, upper-midrange sound. It sounds like it’s about to blow. Some of my favorite tones I’ve ever found on YouTube come from that circuit. Brandon from Bludotone does a really nice version of it. The ’70s circuit is a rawer, edgier sound than my Dumble. The Dumble has a much smoother sound. I have Bludotones that emulate that, but I like the ’70s circuit just for that unique tone. I have four Bludotones at home, and I sometimes get on the phone with Brandon for hours to talk amps. Every time we talk, we try to come up with a new project. I’m talking with him now about doing a 1x12 combo with a built in Loop-a-Lator.