Round 2

Sovtek Big Muff Fuzz

Alderete: I have to go with my Sovtek Big Muff fuzz. Tyler Bates, a really great film composer, gave it to me. I went to record with him and he said, “Use this.” I thought it was awesome, so he told me I should keep it. He loved it, but he could see how lit up I was about it. That was in the early ’90s, and I’ve used it a lot since then. It’s the best-sounding fuzz. We do all these fuzz pedal shootouts on my website,, and it’s still the number one fuzz pedal. I have several other Sovteks, but that is the one.

“All the people who bought DOD pedals and played them through Gorilla amps in their bedroom didn’t understand what the Meatbox was about. They just thought it sounded like crap.” — Jonathan Hischke

DOD FX10 Bi-FET Preamp

Hischke: I’m going with the DOD FX10 Bi-FET Preamp. I think it was made in the late ’80s or early ’90s. I don’t know its secret, but psychologically speaking, it does the thing that a lot of guitar players get out of a Klon preamp pedal. It’s a subtle boost with a tone knob. You can turn the tone down for a really deep but focused and dense tone. It cuts through, but under the mix. How would you describe it, Juan?

Alderete: It was designed for acoustic guitars. It has such clarity, but it also has that sweet spot for the sound of fingers hitting the strings like on an acoustic guitar. That pick was very strategic.

Hischke: I also like it because it’s simple. It’s one of those pedals that you don’t have to think about. I have it on every board now in case I need it for a boost, or a lead where you put the treble up for more presence.

Alderete: And thank you for just driving the price up! [Laughs.]

Hischke: I know, I know. Maybe someone will make a clone. They’re really cheap now, so we better get on it. When is this going online? [Laughs.]