5. Marshall Origin 50C

Guitarist John Bohlinger uses a '60s Strat, '50s goldtop, and a dual-humbucker Kiesel to hear the various tonal flavors residing in the British rock box.

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4. Vox AC30S1

Check out John Bohlinger throw a handful of guitars loaded with various pickups at the new EL84 combo with a single Celestion speaker and revamped digital reverb.


3. Fender Eric Johnson Signature Stratocaster Thinline

PG's demo master straps on the Austin legend's new semi-hollow 6-string.

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2. Gibson Les Paul Standard 2019

John Bohlinger plays through various settings on the new gussied-up, classic-looking singlecut that has a few dip switches and push-pull pots up its sleeve.

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1. PRS Silver Sky John Mayer

PG's John Bohlinger has a dance with the new 6-string collaboration forged by Paul Reed Smith and John Mayer.

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