Bergantino Audio Launches the NXT Series of Bass Cabinets

The new speakers use a neodymium-based technology that was developed by Jim Bergantino.

Whitinsville, MA (January 13, 2020) -- At Bergantino Audio Systems, owner-engineer Jim Bergantino is setting the pace once again in high end, high performance bass amplification with our latest release: The NXT Series “Neo X-Treme Technology” range of speaker cabinets.

The NXT series speakers represent a notary and leading edge, neodymium-based motor technology created by bass amplification pioneer, Jim Bergantino. This is an exclusive new driver technology, unique to Bergantino, a one of kind in this industry and designed specifically for bass amplification.

In addition, the precision tuned, ported cabinetry in this new series is a combination of lightweight poplar and birch plywood. These cabinets are harmonically rich, alive and very present in any kind of live mix. The NXT series also feature our celebrated Reference tweeters with constant directivity horn, for crystal clear and natural highs.

President Jim Bergantino shares: “We’re very proud and excited to offer our new NXT speakers to the bass playing community, as we believe they represent a speaker technology break thru that bass players have long been waiting for and expecting from their lighter-weight designs. We’re also very excited to be partnering with Celestion, manufacturer of many of the most renowned and sought-after MI speakers in the world!”

The NXT Series is launching with the following models:

  • ENXT112 ‘Neo X-Treme Technology Series’ 8 Ohm 1x12′′ Bass Cabinet $779 US MAP
  • NXT112 ‘Neo X-Treme Technology Series’ 8 Ohm 1x12′′ Bass Cabinet with Reference HF Horn $899 US MAP
  • NXT210 ‘‘Neo X-Treme Technology Series’ 8 Ohm 1x10′′ Bass Cabinet with Reference HF Horn $1099 US MAP
  • NXT212 ‘Neo X-Treme Technology Series’ 4 Ohm 2x12” Bass Cabinet with Reference HF Horn $1399 US MAP

The NXT Series will be available to see at the Bergantino Booth, D4025, NAMM 2020.

Scheduled shipping within the USA is January, 2020 and internationally shortly after.

For more information:

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