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Carl Martin Releases the Octaswitch Mk3

Carl Martin Releases the Octaswitch Mk3

An updated version of the pedal switcher in a smaller footprint.

Denmark (May 6, 2015) -- The Octa MK3 has the exact same features as the Octa MKII but in a smaller board-friendly footprint. No MIDI, scroll though menus, or multi-function knobs. Just plug and play.

You have eight effects which you use regularly. You use various combinations of these pedals in various songs, but you are not good at tap dancing or you are just clumsy and have stepped on the ultra tricked out-metalized-distortion pedal for the lead in your one ABBA cover. You've seen the digital effects controllers they use on the big stages, and have secretly yearned for one, even though you may never make the big stage? Enter Thomas Guldmann's Octa-switch. Your eight effects plug into the eight effects-loops on the back of this unit (all true-bypass, impedance free gold relays so you can run any of your pedals, new and old without problem), and then by turning on or off the numbered switches in each of eight DIP Bank switches, you determine which effects you wish to use simultaneously in each Bank. There is a blue LED for every effects loop used and for each Bank (so once you are programmed, when you step on Bank 6 you will see the lights of all the effects you have assigned to Bank 6 and the Bank 6 LED). Once you have each Bank programmed, we recommend placing a piece of scotch or electrical tape over each DIP (....just to protect the switch from damage or beer). There is a buffered (or not....switchable) Mono input and a stereo Output, and the unit is powered by dual 9v batteries, or by a regulated power supply.

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