Fender Custom Shop Eric Clapton "Brownie" Tribute Strat, Gibson Harrsison-Clapton "Lucy" Les Paul, and a trio of Martin 000 body-style acoustics round out the collection. Photos courtesy Guitar Center.

Martin Eric Clapton "Crossroads" Signature Guitars
Martin Eric Clapton "Crossroads" Signature Guitars are based on the 14-fret 000 body style and hand-crafted to Clapton's personal specifications. Craig Yamek, National Accounts Manager for Martin Guitar says, "Eric prefers a smaller body for the balanced sound and a shorter scale for the playability. He likes the scalloped bracing with a stiffer top for a real nice sparkle on the mids and highs, and a rich warm end. It's a great sounding instrument that is really unique to Eric Clapton." This is the first guitar Martin has done in collaboration with Clapton that features 45 level appointments, which gives you pearl on all the joints, top, sides, and back. Currently, this is the only production Martin available with 45-level appointments.