Swooshing Pink Floyd vibes, kerranging Sleep chugs, and mutating mellow Motorpsycho tones symbiotically swirl in this guitar duo’s growing setups.

Along with his custom guitar, Michael Risberg made the most of his time at Spindrift guitars by co-building this “versatile” Marshall-based circuit with Michael Whitney. The DV66R (Duo Voice) is a 50-watt, EL34-based head that is loosely based around a JTM45 platform. For added anger, he wired in a (footswitchable) second gain stage that barks like a JCM800. On top of that, he put in a spring reverb that is harnessed by three controls—mix, tone, and dwell—just like the ’60s Fender 6G15 units that inspired it.

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