Sure, collectible gear can be important to rock stars, but for this mayhem-filled gig, Paul Wiley and Juan Alderete opt for loudness and durability.

Technically, Juan Alderete has two pedalboards. He’s got a few key stomps (seen above) that live in his rack and are engaged by his tech Mark Lubetski. The most important pedal is the Mesa/Boogie Flux-Five Overdrive that’s always on and always punishing the amp. Juan will make dynamic adjustments with his playing and volume knob, while his tech will make greater changes by hitting the hi/lo switch that rattles the walls when it’s engaged. The other pedals are the Source Audio Nemesis Delay, MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe, and a Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor.

Enter to win replicas of Juan's two pedalboards.

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