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Rig Rundown: Sharptooth’s Lance Donati and Keith Higgins

The savage hardcore duo's rig seems deceptively simple ... until you see the trio of secret weapons zip-tied to the back of their Bogners.


Lance Donati is one-half of the thrashy guitar twosome for Sharptooth and he’s long preferred humbucker-loaded singlecuts. His original pairing was DiMarzio ’buckers set inside a Les Paul Custom. He enjoyed that setup until realizing that Gibson used animal-hide glue to build their instruments. Lance follows a vegan lifestyle and found those manufacturing practices conflicting with his personal beliefs, so he went searching. He ended up joining the ESP family and hasn’t looked back.

The one above is an ESP LTD EC-Black Metal with a DiMarzio D Activator-X. In line with his vegan lifestyle, Lance replaced the bone nut with a polymer nut made by TUSQ. All the band’s songs are in drop-A# tuning and both Donati and Higgins employ various sets of .011–.056 strings.

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