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Rig Rundown: U2's The Edge

Strats, Explorers, Les Pauls, AC30s, and a healthy amount of delay help form some of the most iconic tones ever recorded. Famed tech Dallas Schoo walks us through the ins and outs of The Edge’s expansive setup.


The Edge has worked with Bob Bradshaw for years to help create his live rigs. The effects are controlled by two Bradshaw RS40 controllers: one is onstage, and a second unit sits with Dallas. In addition to the RS40, Edge has a DigiTech WH-1 Whammy, a Boss 500V Expression Pedal for his Custom Audio remote wah, two Dunlop Volume X pedals (one for reverb, one for delay), and a Dunlop Mini Volume X, which is used for quick octave pitch shifting.

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