A multi-effects unit that covers delay, fuzz, flanger, and more.

Edmond, OK (September 9, 2016) -- Keeley Electronics is celebrating their 15th anniversary this month and announced it's shipping their new Dark Side effect pedal. The Dark Side is a boutique hand-made mutli-effect unit. It produces four modulation effects, there are 12 delay settings possible and big fuzz tone.

The Dark Side is the latest release in Keeley’s Workstation Series. The Dark Side produces Phaser and U-Vibe effects as well as a rotary speaker and flanger sounds that are all vintage inspired but with modern interpretations and control. Add to that 12 delay setting that are syncopated like the old multi-head tape delay units and a big fuzz tone and you have a complete workstation for sounds from are spacey, ethereal, hi-fi, and progressive.

The Dark Side offers rate and depth and volume controls for the modulation effects. The rate control for modulation effects can be controlled with a standard expression pedal foot controller. This allows users to foot control the flanger or rotary speaker cabinet sounds of the tweeter horn, or the rate of the watery phaser or ultra-deep vibe. The delay effect uses the same control knobs to allow players to fix time and feedback. Expression pedal control over the delay allows for players to get any number of repeats all of the way up to runaway feedback. The fuzz is based on a vintage big IC fuzz tone but endlessly refined to give you a smooth sustain that cuts through any band and will let you shine on. The multi-effect units are hand-made and true bypass.

The Keeley Electronics Dark Side is available at Keeley Electronics and dealers worldwide. Street price is $299.

Watch the company's video demo:

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