All of the new models will be available in 6-, 7-, and 8-string versions along with the option for multiscale.

Escondido, CA (December 4, 2019) -- The Kiesel Guitars Custom Shop is excited to announce the all-new Type-X Series headless guitars.

Available in 6- and 7-string standard scale configurations, as well as 6-, 7- and 8-string multiscale variants, the Type-X combines two of our most popular instruments ever: the Vader Series headless guitar, and the classic V220/X220 80s-era guitars. The V220 has been a huge fan-favorite for more than 35 years, and the Vader Series ushered in Kiesel Guitars' entry into the headless guitar market. Therefore, it was a natural decision to combine these two highly popular models into one exciting instrument that plays and sounds amazing, and will really stand out on stage.

Standard features of the Type-X Series include an alder body an Eastern hardrock maple neck, in a neck-through design. Kiesel Lithium pickups are standard, with a single mater volume knob, 5-way pickup selector, and passive electronics. The X6 and X7 standard-scale models are also available with our exclusive Kiesel-designed Hipshotâ„¢ tremolo. Like all Kiesel Guitars instruments, you can choose from a complete selection of Custom Shop options, including exotic body, neck and fingerboard woods; solid, translucent and metallic finishes, as well as our unusual finishes such as Crackle, Splatter (call-in only), and Color Shift; inlay shapes and colors; and electronics.

Pricing starts at $1,249 and a vast range of special options are available.

For a limited time, Kiesel Guitars is offering special introductory pricing on the Type-X Series, so you'll get an extra $100 off when you order your new guitar. This is a limited time offer, so order yours right away to take advantage of these extra savings!

Check out the all-new Type-X models today, and design your next Custom Shop masterpiece. No matter how your tastes or budget run, we can build you a Type-X guitar - or any other model - that you'll absolutely fall in love with! Be sure to follow Kiesel Guitars on Facebook and Instagram to see some amazing examples of the new Type-X models, as well as other examples of the custom work we've done.

Watch the company's video demo:

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