Randall Introduces RG Series and RG13 Pedal/Amplifier
Randall RG1003H and RG412 Half-Stack

The new RG Series returns to the original high performance FET circuits that Don Randall founded the Randall company on.

Chicago, IL (January 12, 2013) -- Randall Amplifiers is pleased to announce the launch of the new RG series of pedals/amplifiers, heads, combos, and cabinets.

The new RG Series returns to the original high performance FET circuits that Don Randall founded the Randall company on and which became the sound and back line for so many influential artists in Randall’s 40 plus year history. Utilizing the basis of the infamous RG100 and RG80 designs then, adding modern improvements and features, have allowed us to again offer solid-state transistor amplifiers that are solid-state done right for sonic performance, not price.

Models include:

  • RG3003H - 3 channel 300 WATT high gain head amp with noise gate
  • RG1503H - 3 channel 150 WATT high gain head amplifier with reverb
  • RG1003H - 3 channel 100 WATT high gain head amplifier with reverb
  • RG1503-212 -150 WATT 3 channel 2x12 combo amp with reverb
  • RG80 – 80 WATT 2 channel 1x12 combo amp with reverb
  • RG13 – 1 WATT 3 channel Pedal Amplifier with Boost and FX loop.
  • RG8 – 35 WATT 1x8 Speaker Cabinet for RG13
  • RG412 – 200 WATT 4x12 Speaker Cabinet
  • RG212 – 100 WATT 2x12 Speaker Cabinet

The RG13 Pedal-Amplifier (ready for fly-in gigs), does it all so you can have your sound anywhere through anything. Put it through your 4x12 and be blown away at what one watt can do or get a matching RG8 8” extension cab to practice with at home. Use it as a gain/distortion/tone/boost pedal in front of your amp or, plug it into the FX return of any amp and listen to it take over and free you from that crappy back line tone! The XLR speaker emulated output is great for recording or sending signal to the PA/Front of House. The loop is switchable with a level control and can switch to be an output level boost/cut to control your level in the mix. All of this in a heavy duty metal enclosure with external power supply and external 9v power for pedals right on the unit! The RG13 can be the solution and center piece of your rig for all settings.

Key Features:
3 Channel, 1 watt High Gain FET Solid State Guitar Floor- Pedal/Amplifier with Switchable FX Loop, Volume Boost function, external 9v pedal power jack, 1/8" Stereo Media input, Headphone output, Speaker emulated XLR direct output with ground lift and external RGA-13 Power Supply.

For more information:

A compact pedal format preamp designed to offer classic, natural bass tone with increased tonal control and extended headroom.

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