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Reverend Guitars Introduces New Models and Updates

Reverend announces updated versions of their Warhawk and Six Gun along with the Warhawk 3 390 and Pete Anderson signature model.

Nashville, TN (May 14, 2013) -- Reverend Guitars is always updating their models, to include the latest in select innovations, and the maximum performance possible. The Warhawk and the Six Gun were both revamped for better capability, and we have added the all-new Pete Anderson Signature PA-1 RT to the stable.

The Reverend Warhawk has always been the model where sustain meets harmonics – with its raised center ridge that increases body mass and the thinner wings that increase resonance. The new updates add to the Warhawk’s reputation as rock and roll’s fearless guitar. The Warhawks now feature a body bevel for highperformance playing, a six-in-line headstock, and Rosewood fretboards paired with every color.

The Warhawk has always been available in HB and P-90 versions. The Reverend Warhawk 3 HB is loaded with Reverend’s own uncovered Special H Humbuckers. It comes in Deep Sea Blue with a Bigsby 50, and in Tobacco Burst hardtail version.

The Reverend Warhawk 3 390 now has three proprietary CP90 pickups for as much tone as you can handle, instead of the gentler two. It’s available in Metallic Red with Bigsby 50, and Metallic Gold Burst hardtail version.

The Reverend Six Gun III -- Reverend’s answer to the S-Style guitar -- now has a longer and sleeker body shape with an arm contour for player’s comfort. The Salnico pickups are made especially for Reverend. They are all somewhat warmer than your average S-Style pickups, and the bridge pickup is also slightly hotter to get rid of that brittle tone, common with this kind of guitar. The controls and pickups are mounted directly in the pickguard for more stability and easier control layout. It’s available in Chronic Blue with Rosewood fretboard, Black with Maple fretboard, and Tobacco Burst with Maple fretboard.

The newest Reverend model, the Pete Anderson Signature PA-1 RT, is on the same platform as the original PA-1, but it is loaded with Reverend’s own Revtron pickups for extra midrange punch and twang. It comes in a trio of hot, vintage colors: Satin Transparent Orange, Satin Red Burst, and Satin Forest Green Metallic. All of the colors are paired with Rosewood fretboards.

The Pete Anderson Signature platform is a large, Maple hollow-body with Reverend’s proprietary Uni- Brace system. The unique Korina controls the feedback that you would normally expect in similar guitars, while adding sustain. The Signature model also has a 3-piece Korina neck, a 15th fret neck and body joint for better access to the higher points on the neck, “R” embossed knobs, and an “R” logo pickguard. All versions come with a Bigsby B70.

All Reverends have pin-lock tuners and a graphite nut work together to create more stability and to help every Reverend to stay in tune. The exclusive Reverend Bass Contour, a variable bass roll-off that adjusts the pickup voicing, gives every Reverend a range of tones to work with.

“It’s influenced by the classics. The look is very important – you wear it – but it’s also a musician’s tool, and everything has to work. Everything continues to evolve for Reverend, and that’s part of our philosophy. The last Reverend is the best Reverend.” – Joe Naylor, Founder of Reverend Guitars.

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