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The sultan of sludge illustrates that his first band is a shuttle for sonic exploration launching into orbit on the backs of triple-humbucker guitars, a sierra of Oranges, and two boards the size of Cape Canaveral.

Board 1 has Pike’s must-haves on it. Everything is anchored around his EarthQuaker Warden Optical Compressor that’s always on and helps squish the notes into a sustaining wall of sound. (You’d think with the buzzing in the video, he’d use a noise gate, but as you’ll see, there’s none on his board.) Other key stomps are the Revival Electric Metric 3-Band EQ, Black Arts Rabid Mammal (Pike’s signature pedal), KHDK Paranormal (Slayer/Exodus Gary Holt’s signature pedal), Lone Wolf Audio Twin Snake, Daredevil Pedals Atomic Cock V2, MXR Phase 90, MXR Carbon Copy, Keeley 30ms, EQD Spatial Delivery, MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe, and Third Man + Mantic Flex. A Peterson Stomp Classic StroboStomp keeps everything in tune.

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