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Tsakalis AudioWorks Releases the Phonkify & Galactic

The tone-hunting Grecians offer an envelope filter/wah—enhanced with octave options—and a modulation box with phaser, univibe, vibrato, rotary, and flanger functions that can be combined and blended.

Tsakalis Audio Works

Athens, Greece (March 12, 2018) -- We are extremely excited to announce the new Phonkify envelope filter - wah enhanced with octaves!

In our efforts to revive the awesomeness of Funk and Soul music from the 60’s & 70’s, but also the gear used in this era, we came up with the Phonkify!

Two modes of juicy envelope filter (Smooth & Nasty) which turns into wah at the minimum ‘sensitivity’ setting, combined with a unique octave up and/or down effect. You can also choose the order of the effects in your signal chain creating a totally different vibe!

The Phonkify features an expression jack, letting you control the frequency range of the envelope and wha effects and a dedicated foot-switch for the octave effect.

Suggested Retail Price: 175 Euros.

Watch the company's video demo:

Tsakalis AudioWorks introduces the Galactic multi modulation pedal. We wanted to create a unique modulation pedal which, apart from providing our version of basic effects, lets you combine and blend them in a way that brings new textures to your sonic arsenal.

The Galactic is a multi modulation pedal featuring five basic effects (Phaser, Univibe, Vibrato, Rotary and Flanger), possible to use them separately or in pairs, blending them to-gether via a Blend control creating from 3D chorus to many other “spacy” and yet to be named soundscapes.

We created 6 different pairs of effects organized in 3 modes select-able by a toggle switch. Each mode features 2 pairs select-able by a foot-switch giving you the ability of un-limited and unique sounds.

Three expression jacks let you control the Speed and Depth of the effects, as well as how you choose to Blend them, making your live performance easier and letting you exper-iment even on stage!

Suggested Retail Price: 240 Euros.

Watch the company's video demo:

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