Victory Amplification and Two Notes Announce Official DynIR Virtual Cabinets

The IRs in two versions, Classic or Boutique, with the Classic allowing you to choose from 8 industry standard performance microphones, including models of a 57 and 421.

E (October 8, 2020) -- Following on from the hugely successful Sheriff and Copper collections, Victory and Two notes have released 20 more speaker captures, available individually or within six packs (of 5 cabinets each), capturing two more of Victory’s cabinet range - the legendary 'Duchess' and highly respected 'Kraken'.

Both come in two versions, Classic or Boutique with the Classic allowing you to choose from 8 industry standard performance microphones, including models of a 57 and 421. The Boutique is made up of more influential and exclusive studio microphones, such as the U87, when these are combined they can give you the most articulate and incredibly detailed tones from your Torpedo device.

Victory are proud to hand-build their cabinets using only the best speakers and woods, this ensures that each cabinet is specifically voiced to ensure maximum power and articulation, whatever amp is played through it. Victory has been at the forefront of compact touring rigs, that includes the wildly popular compact and V4 preamp range.

Martin Kidd - Chief Designer at Victory Amps:

"With the introduction of these captures (from two of our best selling lines of cabinets; the Kraken and Duchess), Two notes and Victory have cemented the relationship that is committed to one thing only, providing great tone for players on all platforms. You can hear both our, and their, attention to detail in every capture. I am blown away!"

These Two notes Victory DynIR Virtual Cabinets have been captured by Two notes most experienced Capture Master, Adam Steel of HopPole Studios, using the highest quality outboard equipment to ensure that the captured tones are identical to the feeling of being in the room with a perfectly matched Victory head and cabinet.

Guillaume Pille - CEO at Two notes:

"Once again, working with Victory Amps shows that we are 100% committed to one thing only, bringing awesome tone to our customers - these Victory captures are amazing, Adam has nailed the tone and response of each perfectly"

The Victory DynIR Virtual Cabinets are only available through the Two notes Store and are exclusive to the Two notes Torpedo range of products. Each cabinet is priced at 10€ (incl. 20% VAT) and can be bought as part of a pack at a discount.

For more information:
Victory Amps

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