A few months ago one of my favorite clients brought in a very cool project. He wanted me to install an EVH D-Tuna (Photo 1) on his Floyd Rose-equipped Peavey V-Type Limited Edition. Designed for double-locking tremolo systems, the D-Tuna lets you quickly lower your bottom E string a whole-step to D without having to unlock the string nut, retune, and then lock the nut again. Now that’s handy!

D-Tuna details. The device works with standard electric string sets and in either concert or Eb tuning. (In the latter case, the dropped 6th string goes to Db.) The kit includes two locking screws of different lengths; this allows the D-Tuna to work with most Floyd Rose or Floyd-licensed double-locking trems, such as the Peavey unit in Photo 2. Once the spring-loaded device is installed, you simply press it down to drop the low E string to D. To raise the 6th string to E again, push the D-Tuna towards the bridge—it’s that simple.

The D-Tuna has been around since the early 1990s and it’s relatively easy to install. But it does require one very important modification: For the D-Tuna to work properly, the tremolo has to be blocked to prevent the rear end from drawing back toward the body. (On the D-Tuna website, this is described as “stabilizing” the bridge.) This mod requires installing a small wooden block inside the spring cavity between the Floyd’s inertia block and the body, as shown in Photo 3. This block, or shim, resides on the spring side of the cavity.

The rest of the project is rather routine: replace the string-lock screw, install the D-Tuna, tune the guitar, and finally adjust the intonation. Let’s go through each stage of the process.