We've based these rankings on a combined viewership from PremierGuitar.com and YouTube to compile this year's top 10.

10. Fender Player Series Jaguar

See and hear John Bohlinger tango with the classic offset that's just been updated with modern feel, playability, and more.

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9. EVH 5150 Chorus

Watch John Bohlinger play "Oh, Pretty Woman," "Finish What Ya Started," and a handful of his own licks to test out the swoosh box loosely based on the Roland DC-30.

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8. Boss DC-2W Dimension C

The Waza-Craft evolution of the chorus pairs the original DC-2 with the SDD-320 and adds modern switching that unleashes a multitude of sonic wrinkles.


7. Mesa/Boogie Fillmore 50

John Bohlinger straps on guitars new and old to test out the new 1x12 combo built with 6L6s and a lush, tube-driven reverb.

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6. Electro-Harmonix Triangle Big Muff Pi

Watch the Review Demo maestro battle the monster fuzz with guitars—new and old—loaded with single-coils, 'buckers, and P-90s.