ESP Guitars Expands 400 Series

Two new additions to the M Series have joined the 400 Series with the M-400 Maple and M-400 Rosewood.

Anaheim, California (January 18, 2016) -- Since the introduction of ESP’s LTD brand in 1995, their “400 Series” guitars have remained among the most popular, and have maintained a well-deserved reputation both both high quality and excellent value. At NAMM 2016, ESP Guitars (NAMM Booth #208A/B) debuted a batch of new additions to this popular series that caters to professionals and serious enthusiasts alike.

The LTD EC-401FR is equipped with a Floyd Rose tremolo, offers set-thru construction, and includes an EMG 60/81 pickup set. Also in the EC shape, the EC-401 will now be available in a Military Green Satin finish. The LTD EX-401 is the result of ESP customers asking for an upgrade to the popular EX shape. It includes a set-thru heel joint for greater fret access and comfortable playability. For even more extreme playing styles, the EX-401FR adds a Floyd Rose tremolo.

The new LTD H-401QM offers a high-quality way to get into the H Series without breaking the bank, with a quilted maple top, hard tail bridge, and offset stripe inlays. Two new additions to the M Series have joined the 400 Series with the M-400 Maple and M-400 Rosewood, which offer great-looking metallic finishes and Floyd Rose tremolos on a bolt-on neck design, with respective Seymour Duncan and EMG pickups. Upgraded hardware and pickups and sumptuous quilted maple tops are the focus of the new LTD MH-401FR QM (with Floyd Rose tremolo) and MH-401NT models. The MH-427 is a monster guitar with neck-thru-body design and a special fingerboard setup that provides 27 extra-jumbo frets in the highest pitch register. LTD’s new TE-401, TE-401FM, and seven-string TE-417 are a whole new contemporary take on a classic design, with modern touches like set-thru construction, tilt-back headstock, and smooth elbow contouring. With the new V-401, players can expect professional performance at a price they can afford, in a guitar with new inlay designs, neck and body binding, black pickguard, and black hardware. Finally, the LTD Viper-401 offers the menacing double-cutaway shape that ESP fans love, along with upgraded construction and components, in great Black and Military Green Satin finishes.

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A new tool for working on Floyd Rose and tremolo-equipped guitars.

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There’s way more to it than simply mastering chords and scales.



  • Understand the importance of structure and space within guitar leads.
  • Learn the power and importance of articulation and motivic development.
  • Construct leads that take the listener on a journey.
{'media': '[rebelmouse-document-pdf 17933 original_filename="MelodicSolos-Jan20.pdf" site_id=20368559]', 'media_html': 'MelodicSolos-Jan20.pdf', 'id': 17933, 'type': 'pdf', 'file_original_url': ''}
Take a moment and think of your favorite guitar solo. Can you hear it in your head, note-for-note perfect as if you were listening to the track itself? I’m willing to bet the answer is yes. Indelible guitar solos tend to get lodged in your brain that way. Every practicing guitarist not only strives to play these solos as well as the guitar heroes who composed them, but we all long to craft such a brilliant lead ourselves. The million-dollar question is: Where do you begin when attempting to play the next great, iconic solo? The next “Stairway to Heaven” or “Kid Charlemagne” or “Hotel California”?
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There’s just something about the grit on those repeats.…

There’s definitely a place for those pristine, perfect digital delay units, but when you need to hear a bit of degradation on the repeats there’s only one way to go. Here’s a look at 10 different analog boxes that range from simple and funky to expansive and weird.

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