A pair of new tilt-back amp stands and heavy-duty power supplies highlight the company's NAMM offerings.

Tampa, FL (January 9, 2020) -- Gator Frameworks, the stand, hanger, and accessories brand for music, audio, and video professionals released a new series of innovative tilt-back combo guitar amp stands (GFWGTRAMP100 and GFWGTRAMP200). The tilt-back combo guitar amp stand series provides safe, rugged, and efficient solutions for lifting your favorite amps. This keeps your amplifiers safe from the hazards of the stage and also improves sound projection to your audience.

The series includes a fixed height stand that folds completely (GFWGTRAMP100) and an elevated stand with angle adjustment capability (GFWGTRAMP200). Each stand separates your amp from the ground to help project sound to your audience and protect against spills and other hazards. Any guitarist knows the drag of having to bend over to adjust volume and tone knobs on ground-sitting amps, which is why the angled positioning of the stand allows you to easily access controls in a pinch. Rubberized feet are also added as a nice addition to isolate sound and keep your gear from sliding around on stage.

When you want better protection from the natural hazards of the stage and overall superior sound projection, the tilt-back combo guitar amp stand series is your go-to.

Exterior Dimensions:

  • GFWGTRAMP100 (folded): 25” L x 12.5” W x 1.25”H
  • GFWGTRAMP200 (folded): 33” L x 16” W x 10”H
  • Max Weight Capacity:
  • GFWGTRAMP100: 50 lbs.
  • GFWGTRAMP200: 55 lbs.

GFWGTRAMP100 = $26.99

GFWGTRAMP200 = $69.99

The new tilt-back combo guitar amp stand series is available from authorized Gator dealers. Visit www.gatorframeworks.com for more information.

Gator Cases just released the new Guitar Pedal Power Supply Series, offering a unique and stylish power bank solution for pedalboards (GTR-PWR-5 and GTR-PWR-8). Now with the innovation of Gator Cases, any musician can power up their playing with style and efficiency.

The GTR-PWR-5 guitar pedal power supply by Gator delivers five quiet isolated outputs rated at 120mA each for powering effects pedals, tuners, and other accessories (600 mA Max Output). The GTR-PWR-8 guitar pedal power supply by Gator delivers eight quiet isolated outputs rated for powering effects pedals, tuners, and other accessories (2 x 4~9V DC @ 120mA, 3 x 9/12V @ 120mA, 1 x 9/18V DC @ 250mA, 1 x 9/12V DC @ 250mA, 1 x 12V AC @ 500mA (1600 mA Max Output).

The power supply boasts a heavy-duty metal enclosure to keep your pedals powered in any situation, along with vented slots to allow for heat dissipation. When traveling internationally, simply select between 115/230 volts for mains power input voltage to ensure safe operation with your particular wall outlet.

The power switch with LED indicator light makes powering down your rig a snap, saving you from having to unplug the power cable from hard-to-reach areas when finished. You can also mount the GTR-PWR-8 directly to your favorite pedalboard using the integrated mounting holes.

GTR-PWR-5 = $99.99

GTR-PWR-5 = $149.99

For more information:
Gator Cases

There’s way more than blues-rock fodder buried in the crevices of the most overused scale in music.



  • Explain how chords are generated from scales.
  • Create unusual harmonies, chord progressions, bass lines, and melodies using the blues scale.
  • Demonstrate how music theory and musical intuition can coalesce to create unique sounds from traditional materials.
{u'media': u'[rebelmouse-document-pdf 11821 site_id=20368559 original_filename="BluesScale-Sep20.pdf"]', u'file_original_url': u'https://roar-assets-auto.rbl.ms/documents/11821/BluesScale-Sep20.pdf', u'type': u'pdf', u'id': 11821, u'media_html': u'BluesScale-Sep20.pdf'}

Last updated on May 21, 2022

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for blues music, but the blues scale can yield beguiling musical results that bear little resemblance to the traditional blues—particularly if one looks at (and listens to) the scale from a different point of view.

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Megadeth founder teams up with Gibson for his first acoustic guitar in the Dave Mustaine Collection.

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A lightweight, portable amp series developed after months of forensic examination of vintage valve amps.

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