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GALLERY: Guitars of the Stars, Volume I

See what guitars national touring acts rely on on the road. Photos by Chris Kies, Joe Coffey, Jason Shadrick, and Rebecca Dirks.

Buddy Guy
"The legendary Guy was using four guitars onstage during a spring 2011 show. Left to right: the Jerry Jones Sitar is used each night for ""Skin Deep,"" his polka-dot is one of the original signature Strats made by Fender for Buddy but only comes out if he breaks a string, Buddy's #1 guitar is a '89 Fender Buddy Guy Signature Strat in cream. He uses Vintage Noiseless pickups and Ernie Ball Slinky .011s. The red Strat on the right is a Fender Custom Shop Strat he brought on tour to mix things up."