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Gallery: Pro Pedalboards 2014, Pt. 1

Tasty stomp stations from top players.


Chevelle’s Dean Bernardini

While Loeffler’s pedalboard is clean and orderly, Bernardini’s looks more like an unfinished art project. The path starts with a Peterson VSS-C Stomp Classic tuner, and from there a XLR cable runs a clean signal to the front-of-house mixer. But at this point, the signal leaving the 1/4" output gets a bit weird. Bernardini uses a Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb and a Boss DD-7 Digital Delay to imbue the Chevelle sound with a spacey, scary ambiance. He then turns up the crunch with a DigiTech Bass Driver and a Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI. He also uses a Boss GE-7 Equalizer as a boost. Bernardini works the amp with his Mesa/Boogie Big Block 750 footswitch. Reportedly, he has crushed many of these Big Block pedals over the years with his heavy stomp.

We rummaged through our entire backlog of Rig Rundown footage and photos to compile a guide to some of 2014’s tastiest, most elaborate stomp stations, including boards from the Cult’s Billy Duffy, Keith Urban, the Pixies, the Sword, Carlos Santana, Brent Mason, and more.