In our inaugural Show Us Your Gear Gallery, we feature the go-to instruments of our readers.

"This is my altered Strat, and it is one of my favorites, mostly because I made all the alterations to it myself. The neck was purchased off of Ebay (hence the black headstock), and the body was carved down on the back to make it a bit lighter, then I redid the finish. I rarely use the trem so I took the bar off of it. Originally I added three '57 reissue pickups, but I was not really happy with the sound and the sustain was not what I wanted, so I bought a blank pickguard and some PAF humbuckers, routed out the channel and rewired the 5-position switch for phase in/phase out combos of upper and lower pickups. The middle position is both pickups. This gave me the sound(s) I was looking for and it plays so well. The action at the 13th fret is about one penny. - Doc Martin"