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The DigiTech FreqOut Natural Feedback Creator allows you to get sweet, natural feedback at any volume, with or without distortion. The FreqOut is perfect for situations where volume must be controlled—in the studio, with in-ear monitors, or in low-volume performances or practices. However, it can also be used at gig volume to focus out-of-control feedback on a preferred harmonic at any stage position.

The FreqOut has adjustable feedback Onset (delay before feedback begins), Gain (feedback level to balance with your dry signal), Dry On/O , latching or momentary operation, true-bypass, and a rugged, road-tough steel chassis.

The FreqOut uses a 9VDC power supply to easily integrate into your existing pedalboard.


  • Natural Feedback at any level with or without distortion

  • Onset Delay and Level balance controls

  • 7 Harmonic Feedback types

  • Dry Defeat

  • Momentary and Latching modes

  • True-bypass

Street Price: $179.95
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