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Hydra in Greek legend was a gigantic water- snake-like monster with multiple heads, one of which was immortal. Any daredevil who attempted to behead the Hydra found that, with one head chopped off , two more emerged from the fresh wound.

And so are the Hydra Elites, the new series of headless guitars by Mayones. Harmless and unarmed at first look, it is ready to strike its deadly bites with each played note.

Based on our top-selling Duvell series, Hydras combine Duvell features (Eye Poplar top, Mahogany body, Wenge-Purpleheart neck, Ebony board) with Hydra distinctions: headless bridge with locking nut, U-Rest protecting against out-of-tune issues during playing while sitting, and S-Clamp, providing more weight to its small yet thick headstock.

Street Price: $189

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