Hear how the bluegrass-blazin’, death-metal-rooted wiz twists the traditional music of Kentucky toward the psychedelic sounds of San Francisco.

Things get real interesting with this flatpicker when he starts tapdancing on his board that includes a Chase Bliss Wombtone MkII, Source Audio Nemesis Delay, Eventide H9, Strymon Lex, two zany Electro-Harmonix creations—a Freeze and Pitch Fork—a Grace Design BiX DI, and a D’Addario Planet Waves Chromatic Tuner. All the stomps are controlled by the Boss ES-8 Switching System. (Not pictured: Whirlwind Micmute PP, Dunlop Volume (X) DVP3 Pedal, and an Ernie Ball Volume Pedal.)

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D'Addario Cradle Capo: http://ddar.io/CradleCapo.PG