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Rivera Amplification Announces Venus 3

Rivera Amplification releases the Venus 3–a Class A, 15-watt amp powered by a pair of 6V6 tubes.

Burbank, CA (February 26, 2013) -- 2013-Rivera released a new version of their Venus 3, a Class A 15watt combo powered by a pair of 6V6s, loaded with a Celestion G12H-30 and an Accutronics spring reverb. The new Venus 3 (debuted at NAMM 2013) now features a foot switchable and adjustable gain boost making its single channel even more flexible. The Venus 3 also features a modern/vintage switch that can run it 15 or 8 watts, great for bedroom players. The Class A/6V6 combination gives a smooth and spongy clean with the “slight break-up” tone when hit hard. Click on the Gain boost for super overdrive and clean sustain while keeping lower stage volumes.


  • Single channel with Foot switchable and adjustable gain boost.
  • Class A 15watts using a pair of 6V6s and 2 12AX7’s.
  • Features Volume, pull-gain, treble, Middle, Mid-Notch, Bass, Master, Reverb, Presence
  • Accutronics spring reverb
  • 1x12 version features a Celestion G12H-30
  • Effects Loop, Line out, Modern/Vintage Switch

Available in Pearl White or Black in a 1x12 for $1799.00 Pro-User Net, 1x10 for $1599.00 Pro-User Net or Top for $1499.00 Pro-User Net.

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