Sunnaudio Releases the Nucleus NU-1 Dual Boost Distortion

A dual-boost preamp that offers up to 60 dB of gain.

Belmont, CA (October 12, 2020) -- Introducing the all original Nucleus NU-1 analog preamp: A dual boost, clean to high gain preamp, with harmonically rich saturated sounds. The NU-1 lets your tone punch through a mix!

Sunnaudio based in Belmont, CA has released another exciting new offering for musicians. Sunny Wai, lead engineer for Sunnaudio, and senior product developer Marc Games worked on next level high gain preamp design. Electric guitar players and bass players will love the control, dynamics and versatility the NU-1 for quiet or loud situations.

The NU-1 is a simple no fuss compact two channel preamp that goes from clean to full distortion. You get more juicy harmonics that saturate and ultimately end up with a full glistening distortion as you turn up the drive. The HI gain boost puts out up to 60db of gain. Both Hi & LO channel volume outputs can be set independently and are switchable at the HI/LO footswitch. Hi channel goes from rich clean tones to full saturated grind. LO channel goes from crystal clear tones to a nice overdriven breakup. Both channels share Gain and EQ for simple yet effective setup.

The NU-1 is an excellent tool for gigging musicians or home recording. Fits in a standard Hammond sized space on your pedal board. The Nucleus is powered by 7.5v - 12v external DC adapter or 9v battery.

The Nucleus NU-1:

  • Multi instrument Preamp and Distortion with two Independent Volume controls, two simple and effective tone controls
  • One easy access Gain knob
  • Two switchable Gain channels: Hi Gain and Lo Gain, which can be independently set for, level output. Each channels gets its own LED knob indicating which channel is selected.
  • Low gain setting range from crystal clear to overdrive while Hi gain starts with rich clean harmonic overdrive sounds to full distortion
  • “Focus” which adjusts sub-harmonic frequencies to add to your bass signal, or contour mids for your overdriven guitar sound
  • “Tone” for boosting or cutting mids
  • Two foot switches: Hi/Lo Gain & True Bypass
  • TRS balanced output
  • 7.5v-12v volt DC or 9v battery

“Really great tone! I’m really enjoying the Nucleus, two great sounds in one small footprint, which not all of my dual mode pedals can say.” – Jude Gold Host of No Guitar Is Safe podcast, lead guitarist of Jefferson Starship, Solo Artist

“Regardless of what bass rig I’m playing through, I can go from a throbbing dub tone to a ripping punk vibe that cuts. Find me a bass amp that does that!” – Pete Canton Tom Waits, Shawna Morrison, Bob Weir

Price $285 MSRP

For more information:
Sunn Audio

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