Fishman FT-1 Digital Tuner
• Tuning Range: A0 - C8
• Calibration: 435 Hz - 445 Hz
• Modes for chromatic, 6- and 7-string guitar, bass, and ukulele
• Easy to reach controls
• Built-in switchable mic
• Extremely vibrant display
Even though they’re primarily known for acoustic instrument pickups, Fishman’s FT-1 clip-on tuner is a device worthy of its own attention, even with a few quirks. It’s one of the smallest tuners in this roundup, and also one of the hardest to position on a guitar’s headstock. The LCD screen could only be moved up and down, and the tree it sat on had 360 degree access. After clipping the tuner to the tip of the Martin’s headstock, I noticed it wouldn’t have mattered if the LCD screen could move from side to side—the tree it sat on was so short, it wouldn’t have had enough room to clear the headstock at a right angle for easy viewing. I had to strain my neck at an angle to read it, or move the guitar around to get a good look.

That’s not to say that the FT-1 isn’t a worthwhile little tuner. Multiple chromatic tuning modes for guitar, bass, and ukulele are present. A flat selection and a built-in mic round out the features of the tuner, which has one of the clearest displays in the bunch. The tuner’s flat and sharp indicator arrows moved smoothly as I adjusted each string’s pitch, and I didn’t have any warble between semitones when dropping the tuning.

Even with the tuner set at 440 Hz, the range seemed a little sharp in pitch when compared to the PolyTune, and a few of the other tuners in the roundup. It wasn’t a major difference that most people would even hear, but visible by a few cents in pitch.

Street: $24.95

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