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Bourns Introduces the PDB185-GTR Potentiometer

Bourns Introduces the PDB185-GTR Potentiometer

A design that gives more control over tonal sound quality with the battery life of active electronics.

Riverside, CA (February 9, 2015) -- Bourns, Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic components, today announced it has expanded its professional audio market product portfolio with a new guitar potentiometer that features a robust, easy-to-use latching-push switch. The new potentiometer, Model PDB185-GTR, provides an innovative approach to facilitate operating active electronics for the control of tonal quality, pickup switching and activating sound-effect circuits.

The Bourns Model PDB185-GTR is designed using a mechanical latching switch action similar to that of a spring-loaded ball point pen. The guitarist can simply push the knob to activate the switch and push again to deactivate.

“In line with our commitment to provide products with innovative design, superior quality and exceptional value, we developed our new latching-push switch potentiometer based on extensive discussions with customers and guitar manufacturers,” said Chuck Manzano, Application Engineer at Bourns, Inc. “We designed the push-latching switch for improved ergonomics and as an alternative to the traditional push-pull switch that can be a bit cumbersome to activate on the fly. This is an important feature for dynamic guitarists who frequently change tonal settings while performing. After an arduous two-year testing and qualification period, we are confident that the Model PDB185-GTR will provide a very rugged and reliable design to our customers.”

The Bourns Model PDB185-GTR gives guitar players more control over tonal sound quality and the battery life of active electronics via its feature-rich design. Along with its Double-Pole Double-Throw (DPDT) latching–push switch, the new potentiometer has a long list of features including a long life carbon element, slotted and split knurled shaft options, available standard and long bushing styles, and solder lug and PC pin terminals all in a variety of resistance values and tapers. These features make the Model PDB185-GTR especially ideal for electric guitars, instrument amplifiers and signal processor applications.

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