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Foxgear Presents the XYZ Waves and Jeenie

The company's latest offerings include an analog simulator and a robust modulation platform.


Forlì, Italy (June 29, 2020) -- XYZ Waves, like his brother the Rainbow, is our dedicated platform for Modulation algorithms in a very easy-to-use and unique format:

We chose five of our best modulation algorithms for guitarists and bass players. XYZ Waves has three multifunction controls which depending on the program selected, give you unprecedented control and versatility in a super compact size pedal. As with all of Foxgear effects, the XYZ Waves is true bypass and signal path is 100% Analog, It doesn't convert your signal to digital, keeping your tone intact. The "conventional "Chorus, Phase and Tremolo Algorithms are coupled with a Reverb (the X-knob controls the Reverb amount) while the “unconventional” algorithms like Envelope filter or the stunning Polypitch expand your creativity as never before.

The XYZ Waves, gives you all the facility and sound quality of bigger and more expensive multi effect units in a pedal board friendly size, cool look, and without breaking the bank!

  • Dimensions: 2,3”x 4,7”x 1,2” (6cm x 12cm x 3cm)
  • Drains: <100 mA
  • Power: 9 to 12VDC Negative Tip
  • Availability: July 2020
  • Street Price: 129.00 USD

The Foxgear Jeenie Analog Guitar Interface is the first completely Analog Simulator that includes Amplifier, Cabinet and Microphone simulations which will enhance your pedalboard. Absolutely the perfect pedal for home practice or recording.

All you have to do you is connect your favorite pedals in front of the JEENIE or maybe a backing track from your phone in the Aux Input, and enjoy the highest sound quality out of your Rig with to either your favorite Headphones, or active speakers system.

Fast, Easy, Incredible Sound Quality.

Your devices are accepted into a pure Class-A FET preamp section that perfectly reproduces the sound and feel of a Tube amplifier. It enriches your tone with a dynamic, organic, harmonic and touch responsive sound just like your favorite Amp. The Adaptive Tone Stack features an Active Full 3 band EQ that mimics different Amps Tone Stacks to get that "tone" you love. The RIG selector completes the simulation adding Cab and Microphone responses in a very Individual way:

JEENIE is based on a proprietary circuit called ADEQ: a 20 bands Analog Active EQ section that is Digitally controlled to create 5 Different presets of AMP+CAB+MIC complete simulation, with the best accuracy and respect of your original signal.

  • Dimensions: 2,3”x 4,7”x 1,2” (6cm x 12cm x 3cm)
  • Drains: <100 mA
  • Power: 9 to 12VDC Negative Tip. (Grounded PSU included)
  • Availability: July 2020
  • Street Price: 149.00 USD

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