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10 Phasers Set to Stun

Let the warped side of your creativity erupt with a phaser's magic modulation.

It's synonymous with the likes of Gilmour, Hendrix, and Van Halen—to name just a few. The addition of a phaser to a 'board is almost guaranteed to step up one's game in the hypnotic tone department. Here, we've gathered 10 phaser pedals for subtle to space-age modulation experimentation.

Way Huge Atreides

Inspired by a 1980s mini-synthesizer, this "Analog Weirding Module" was designed to deliver growly sub-octave, expressive vocal envelope, swooshing phase, and gnarly fuzz sounds.
$199 street

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Ibanez Phaser MINI

Phaser MINI
Offering a variety of sounds, from subtle texture to deep saturation, this analog Phaser was dreamt up to retain the clarity of dry signal, even when set to the highest effect intensity.
$119 street

Pigtronix Moon Pool

Moon Pool
This 4-stage analog phase shifter and tremolo has independent speed controls that change the rate of one or both of the effects in either direction, corresponding to how hard you play.
$179 street

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MSL Night Witch

Night Witch
This combo fuzz and ramping phaser is the company's take on the Roland AP-7 Jet Phaser, housing a circuit that's been modified and updated for today's pedalboards.
$300 street

Warm Audio Jet Phaser

Jet Phaser
Boasting the same control set as the like-named original from the '70s, this phaser was created to drum up gentle modulation to distorted phase-drenched cacophony.
$199 street

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MXR Phase 90

Phase 90
From delicate, spatial shimmer to full-on high-velocity swooshing, this well-known orange box has been a mainstay for many thanks to its distinctively warm modulation.
$79 street

SVI Sound Techno-FA

This mini-sized optical phaser can be switched between 2- and 4-stage phasing, while its four controls (frequency, range, depth, and bright) fine-tune modulation that ranges from vintage to modern shift sounds.
$169 street

Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Phase Shifter

Small Stone
Whether you're after a rotating speaker effect for blues, adding seasoning to your chicken pickin', or a jet-plane swoosh for metal, this phaser was built for sweeping shifting with liquid transparency.
$71 street

Walrus Audio Lillian Phaser

This multi-stage pedal is packed with a wide array of analog-phaser goodness to dial in, from slight amounts of movement from your dry signal to all sorts of unheard phase/vibrato combinations.
$199 street

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Source Audio Lunar

Lunar Phaser
Offering three styles of phase modulation (vibe, classic, and multi), this MIDI-compatible pedal also synchs with the company's Neuro mobile app for an extensive list of downloadable algorithms.
$149 street

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