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Rig Rundown: Desaparecidos

The indie-rock outfit jams with classic Gibson axes, baritone beasts, tube amps, and enough stompboxes to fill a store.

This is where the real fun starts—Denver Dalley loves pedals. Shown here is board number one that is used on all Desa shows. It starts with a Boss TU-2 Tuner that goes into a Boss DD-6 Digital Delay that is set to the loop mode because Dalley uses it for the glitch-style effect all over “City on the Hill.” He has the DD-6 sitting right next to a DigiTech Whammy so he can quickly ramp up the oscillation of the delayed trails by flooring the Whammy’s foot pedal. The next stomp is a Fairfield Circuitry Randy’s Revenge Ring Modulator that is on the board for song passages and interludes allowing Dalley to get on the floor and manipulate the pedal to send his tone into orbit. The Sitori Sonics Tape Worm Echo is half-delay (which Dalley doesn’t use live) and half-synth that he uses to create chaos during song endings and the encore. For standard delay uses, he relies on a Boss DM-3 Delay. Then we enter Dalley’s EarthQuaker Devices section that is comprised of a Grand Orbiter—used on a phaser-rich section in “Ralphy’s Cut,” Talons, Bit Commander, and an Organizer. The Talons and Bit Commander are right next to each other because there are several spots in the set that he will kick one off and the other on with one stomp of his foot.