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Rig Rundown: Desaparecidos

The indie-rock outfit jams with classic Gibson axes, baritone beasts, tube amps, and enough stompboxes to fill a store.

This is Denver Dalley’s main guitar—a 1977 Gibson RD Standard. He said he prefers the oddly shaped axe because it fits his body type due to its contours, weight, and scale length (25.5"), or in his words, “It’s tall and awkward like me so I’ve had an immediate kinship with them.” This was the first RD he ever bought and has been his No. 1 ever since because he feels he knows it best. He uses some electrical tape to keep the pickup selector in the bridge position. All his guitars are equipped with D’Addario .011–.049 strings and Grolsch beer-bottle straplocks. And all of Desa’s current setlists use standard tuning.