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Tools for the Task: Say Wah?

Rhythm or lead, are you properly getting your wah on?

There are plenty of options in the world of wah, and they run the gamut of function, construction, voicing, and price. Take a look at the 10 we’ve rounded up—all ready to bring the chaka chaka to your game.


A redesigned inductor brings this wah’s sound even closer to the ’60s original, while an added input buffer prevents impedance loading of your signal when in bypass mode.


Gary Clark Jr. Cry Baby

The voice of this brushed-copper-finished Cry Baby is tuned to a lower frequency for added warmth and smoothness, and a tighter sweep adds the percussive element GCJ is known for.



A 2-band EQ and adjustable Q and bias controls optimize this wah’s voicing for different styles and gear, and internal DIP switches permit resonance and frequency range adjustments.


Cock Fight Plus

This rack-and-pinion wah features both a traditional wah-pedal filter and a format filter for vowel sounds, as well as a fuzz circuit that can be added before or after the filter section.


20/20 Bad Horsie

Pedalboard-sized and loaded with a built-in buffer, this wah features optical circuitry, switchless activation, glow-in-the-dark details, and two wah modes.


Bel Air Wah

Switch- and potentiometer-free, this dual-mode wah and volume/expression pedal features a low, ergonomic profile and silky smooth operation.



This wah offers up a space-saving design, low-noise operation, and adjustable tension, as well as two wah flavors: “vintage,” for classic-wah sound, and “rich,” for more low-end fullness.



Vocal- and vintage-flavored, these handmade wahs are available with a variety of custom options, are built one at a time with high-end components, and voiced individually.


Rewah Pro

Thanks to a longer sweep and large inductor coil, this wah reports having extended range, impressive bass response, and little saturation, making it ideal for contemporary styles.


Hellbabe HB01

No mechanical pots or switches and total optical control means wear-and-tear-free operation, and the Q control offers precise filter shaping for vocal-esque effects—all at a guilt-free price.