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Pigtronix Infinity 2 Double Looper

The short learning curve for Pigtronix's Infinity 2 Double Looper—a simple-but-high-functioning spin-off from the company's Infinity pedal—makes it ready to drop on your board and get right to work for $199. Unveiled at NAMM, it can easily be used to create a verse and chorus structure to play over, do sound-on-sound looping, and adjustable loop cycles, plus there's an undo function. Besides its five-minute looping time, there's wet/dry routing, TRS operation, variable overdub decay, a loop volume control, a stutter function, and octave up/down options. That's a lot in a 4.5"x"2.6"x1.3" package. And it runs on standard 9V power. Pigtronix's sister company, Supro, also brought the latest edition of its Blues King amps to the show: the Blues King 10, with a 10" Eminence-made proprietary speaker, 5 watts output, analog spring reverb, and 12AX7 (preamp) and 6V6 tubes. It's $475 street. And there's more. Supro also delivered the swanky, space-age-looking Conquistador and Clermont guitars, which are a Bigsby-outfitted take on the semi-hollow ES formula. They'll be priced at about $999.