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See how Clayton Stevens fuses stinging single-coils, subtle atmospherics, and a tour-tested signature drive to generate his post-hardcore clang.

Touche Amore Rig Rundown Photo3

Meet “Old Reliable” an American-made Fender Telecaster that has questionable origins. Stevens bought this guitar used in 2010 or ’11 and has since asked a few Fullerton employees what exact model this is, and no one can nail down its lineage. The current consensus is that it’s a mash-up of Fender American runs as both the body and neck are from U.S.-made products, but don’t necessarily connect for a cookie-cutter production Telecaster. Another head-scratching wrinkle are the Fender Noiseless Telecaster pickups. Regardless, this heavy T has been a total road dog and faithful ally in battle.

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