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MagSlide Announces the MS2 by ThixoTek

Magnesium-based, patent-pending guitar slide made from the lightest structural metal on earth.

Wilmington, NC (November 29, 2018) -- Guitarists can now add a great new tool to their arsenal: MagSlide, a revolutionary new guitar slide made of magnesium.

The newly launched MagSlide MS2 by ThixoTek is gaining the attention of slide players around the globe. It’s suitable for players of all stripes who want to coax the emotional cry out of any guitar— everything from a delta resonator to a Strat or Les Paul.

The ThixoTek MagSlide defies nearly all conventional wisdom and years of tradition. Modern guitarists select their slides based on key elements; tone, touch, weight and material. Their choices have remained unchanged for generations: glass for light touch and warm tone, or metal for sharper tone and sustain. And any guitarist who spends any time at all playing slide will say weight equals sustain and material equals tone—metal is heavier than glass and so sustains better, but glass sings a warmer song. That wisdom has been true—until now.

“MagSlide is the result of another product my dad and I were developing using magnesium,” said ThixoTek’s T. J. Carter, co-inventor of the MagSlide. “We had a piece of magnesium tube and wondered how it might work as a guitar slide. The tone and playability were immediately obvious when we tried it, so after a year of engineering, prototyping and testing the result is the MagSlide, a custom molded magnesium guitar slide which has exceeded everyone's expectations” Carter said. Magnesium offers uncompromising sustain and warm tone while weighing in at five times lighter than brass, 75 percent lighter than steel, and 33 percent lighter than glass.

MagSlide MS2 Dimensions:

  • 2.515" Length
  • 1.149" Outside Diameter
  • .760 - .832 Inside Diameter
  • 1.4 oz
  • Construction Material: Magnesium

The MagSlide MS2 has a street price of $39.95 can be found at, and

Watch the company's video demo:

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