Nate Garrett's mystical brand of metal mixes morose modulation with nods to EVH and James Hetfield.

When he decided to bring his songs to the stage, he knew there’d be some sonic strictures. So, he adopted this mantra: “What is on the records that would be a travesty if that specific sound was not reproduced live?” Pondering that dilemma (and realizing travel restrictions), gave life to this board that holds a Dunable Eidolon, a pair of EarthQuaker Devices (Afterneath and Dispatch Master), and a Boss DC-2W Dimension Chorus. An ISP Technologies Deci-Mate Micro removes unwanted buzz, a TC Electronic PolyTune Noir Mini 2 keeps his guitars in check, and a T-Rex Effects Fuel Tank Junior powers the board. (Not pictured, but often used: SNK Pedals VHD, EQD Avalanche Run, and Boss CE-2W Chorus Waza Craft Pedal)

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